How is the Orca Cam so inexpensive?

We keep our operations and overhead lean and streamlined. We are disrupting the market by offering a subscription based monthly service with no upfront hardware cost. Orca IoT operates on an OpEx rather than a CapEx model. Our cloud born, web based platform provides us with cost savings that we pass on to the customer instead of putting it into our pockets.

If the Orca Cam is so cheap how does it compare to other cameras on the market?

Orca cameras are comparable or better than most other jobsite cameras on the market. We provide equal or higher quality images and similar features through our interactive dashboard. We are innovators and continue to invest in product functionality.

How does this technology benefit me/my company?

Orca products offer transparency on the job site along with data to help you make decisions and streamline your operations. They can also add an extra layer of protection with regular photos and live steam capabilities. Simply put, Orca’s devices provide a set of eyes on your assets at all times, and can provide insight into daily operations to streamline your progress.

What makes you different from your competition?

SaaS vs Purchasing Hardware (OpEx vs CapEx).

Our SaaS model relieves you of that first large upfront payment. We provide cameras to you at no cost, you pay the monthly service fees, and when you are done, ship the camera back. If the camera is damaged, you will be required to pay the cost of the camera(s), which is still significantly cheaper than our competitors.

Where is your data stored and is it secure? Is my data safe? Can people hack into the cameras, IoT devices, or the platform?

Your data can only be accessed by you. We are AWS based and one of our founder’s has a specialty in Information Security and background in the financial services industry. We uphold the highest standards. All of our data is encrypted in flight and at rest. You will not find a safer solution on the market.

If you have strong security or regulatory requirements, reach out to us and we will provide a custom consultation and figure what is best for your specific requirements and help you design a plan to meet them. If required, we can offer single tenant environments. Ask our competitors if they can offer that.

What happens if the system goes down and isn’t working?

Everything breaks and we prepare for it by designing for failure. We have a decoupled architecture that is spread across five data centers so that if one is impaired, the load will shift to the others automatically. This all occurs behind the scenes, so it is likely you will never know.

Further, we stand by our engineering. If you think something is not working or the product has failed, call us immediately. We have technicians and engineers standing by and we will make it right.

I do not have power onsite? What about solar? What size do I need?

No power, no problem! Our products can run on solar power and we are partnered with a solar company. The solar array size depends on how many devices you will use and if you are going to run other electronics off of the array. Give us a call and we will suggest the right drop ship solution to fit your needs.